life calms down, blog post ensues


whew. i have seriously not had time to blog, until now. i have been focusing on training, fundraising, and living – not blogging. the last 8 weeks have been a BLAST, but i sure am glad they’re over! it’s been so long that i need to do a timeline recap! we all know how much i like timeline posts.

may 7-11: minako, ange, paula, ami, and i went to vegas! we exhausted ourselves by: shopping, walking the strip, and going to shows for 5 days straight. we had no down time – but it was an amazing trip. we checked out the las vegas mob experience, which was by far the coolest thing i’ve ever been to – the had real live mobsters!! we also went to chippendales (also fun; they put on an actual choreographed show AND kept everything under wraps). and lastly i forced ange & paula to go see The Phantom of the Opera; i saw the Phantom when I was 10 and I’ve had a special place in my heart for that show ever since – this one did not disappoint.

may 13-15: jamie and i took a road trip through the bc interior for our 7 year anniversary! we check out radium hot springs and ainsworth hot springs.

may 21: surprise bday for my dad’s 65th! awesome day with lots of friends and family!

may 28: perogie making extravaganza! mega thanks to steph, paula, meghan, kathy, mike, donna, hubby, mom, ange, and sonya in helping me to make 814 perogies. we raised $231 for the Arthritis Society!

may 29: calgary half marathon, my time was 2:30. i ended up running it with minako (best trainer ever), had a blast, and CANNOT wait for next year’s event!

june 6: father-in-law’s 60th!

june 11: mitsubishi city chase… OMG, THIS WAS ONE OF THE MOST FUN DAYS OF MY LIFE. jamie and i competed as “Team Muppet Mafia”, and came in 230th(ish) out of over 500 finishing teams; we can in at 5:18. Another event that I cannot wait to sign up for in 2012!

june 18: comic expo. william shatner. elvira. ’nuff said.

And that summarizes the last 8 weeks. I hope to be able to post weekly, but we’ll see!


more fun times!

another good weekend!

fri night: housework & couch potato-time

sat : 14k run with darren. holy shit i am slow. but i will listen to the experts and stick to my heart rate training…

then i met up with jamie and his mom, donna, for some delicious lunch @ tazaa (best middle eastern cuisine in the city!!!).

We enjoyed some chicken & beef pitas, followed up by some fantastic baclava, and some kind of macaroon thing which we plan to never eat again…   in the evening we had a buncha friends over to watch ufc (the Aldo vs Hominick fight was awesome! I did not know goose-eggs could be that HUGE!).

sun: a nice 4k run with the running club… then the pannenkoek haus with mom, dad, and ange… and the rest of my sunday is NOTHING! I can sit on the couch for the next 7 hours if i want! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!