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another tuesday poll-day!

I recently read a stumbled onto a post from someone else in the blogosphere, thinking it was their experience with a marathon. i sure was wrong. turns out they are annoyed, almost to the point of seriously disliking, people who run marathons and are excited and proud to say they ran a marathon. this is only 1 person’s opinion, but it got me thinking, what do all my friends/family like to read on my blog? maybe i post about running too much, or maybe not enough, or maybe everyone only likes pictures.

what a week

Friday cannot come soon enough.

On Sunday night, my body decided to wake me up at 2am – and not let me get back to sleep until about 6am and by then I had to get up for work in ~20min. Fantastic. I forgot mascara that day, and continued to make bizarre typos (such as “2rd”). Somehow we made it to our Monday workout (and kicked ass) and then I enjoyed a deep comatose-like sleep. What a way to start the week, eh?

on the bright side, i had a pretty good weekend.

Surprisingly, I can cook (ok, I lied, I forgot the S&P in the stuffing! Eek!)

on saturday, i went for a light afternoon run. on saturday evening, our good friends steph & brendan came over and I made them dinner. we had pork tenderloin roast with roasted vegetables. steph was in charge of dessert and brought some delicious pastries from her favorite bakery in canmore. i enjoyed a slice of napoleon (sp?), which was layers of flaky pastry and cream, topped off with a sweet icing. mmmm.

Chickadee @ Weaselhead



on sunday, jamie, paula, and i ventured to weaselhead. we checked out a few pathways we hadn’t been on before, and found a very cool and very active bird watching spot!



tuesday night after meeting with the tuesday run group, my buddy janelle, her “couch-surfing” roommate julia, and i headed out for a quick drink @ Wurst. I had never been there before, and quite enjoyed it! janelle ordered pretzels (omg i love bread),  julia ordered some kind of sliced meatloaf with bread and mustard, and i enjoyed my fav – spaetzle. mmm.

Jen & Couch-surfer Julia at Wurst

life calms down, blog post ensues


whew. i have seriously not had time to blog, until now. i have been focusing on training, fundraising, and living – not blogging. the last 8 weeks have been a BLAST, but i sure am glad they’re over! it’s been so long that i need to do a timeline recap! we all know how much i like timeline posts.

may 7-11: minako, ange, paula, ami, and i went to vegas! we exhausted ourselves by: shopping, walking the strip, and going to shows for 5 days straight. we had no down time – but it was an amazing trip. we checked out the las vegas mob experience, which was by far the coolest thing i’ve ever been to – the had real live mobsters!! we also went to chippendales (also fun; they put on an actual choreographed show AND kept everything under wraps). and lastly i forced ange & paula to go see The Phantom of the Opera; i saw the Phantom when I was 10 and I’ve had a special place in my heart for that show ever since – this one did not disappoint.

may 13-15: jamie and i took a road trip through the bc interior for our 7 year anniversary! we check out radium hot springs and ainsworth hot springs.

may 21: surprise bday for my dad’s 65th! awesome day with lots of friends and family!

may 28: perogie making extravaganza! mega thanks to steph, paula, meghan, kathy, mike, donna, hubby, mom, ange, and sonya in helping me to make 814 perogies. we raised $231 for the Arthritis Society!

may 29: calgary half marathon, my time was 2:30. i ended up running it with minako (best trainer ever), had a blast, and CANNOT wait for next year’s event!

june 6: father-in-law’s 60th!

june 11: mitsubishi city chase… OMG, THIS WAS ONE OF THE MOST FUN DAYS OF MY LIFE. jamie and i competed as “Team Muppet Mafia”, and came in 230th(ish) out of over 500 finishing teams; we can in at 5:18. Another event that I cannot wait to sign up for in 2012!

june 18: comic expo. william shatner. elvira. ’nuff said.

And that summarizes the last 8 weeks. I hope to be able to post weekly, but we’ll see!



day 1 – we made it!

wow, we sure had some ups and downs today; but all in all, we made it to Dawson Creek, BC.

The day joyously started with a heavy, wet blizzard in Calgary. Jamie and I loaded up the minivan, and managed to get out of the house on time. we were so proud of ourselves for being so gosh darn organized, and were about to give ourselves a pat on the back, when we realized we had forgotten something. jamie forgot a baseball cap. this is ridiculous because, for him, it is as daily an item to wear as socks. we picked up my parents, loaded their stuff in the van, went back to our place, and were back on the road only about 1 hr late.

QE2 highway sucks. even in the best weather, it is windy and always full of traffic, let alone today with the stupid heavy wet snow blizzard. the snow didn’t clear until we reached devon, which is just outside edmonton. we were in a steady downpour until fox creek (between Whitecourt and Valleyview). we stopped in whitecourt for lunch at the local casino, and met some friends for lunch. NOTE: casinos have cheap, quick food, and clean/safe bathrooms – this is a luxury on a road trip.

we hit the road again, and didn’t stop until we reached Beaver Lodge, AB. For those who have never had the fantastic fortune of going to beaver lodge, it has something very cool to offer: a giant beaver. this is me and a giant beaver.

Jen and Giant Beaver

Jen and Giant Beaver

back to the dusty trail, and within about 90min we reached dawson creek. we checked until our hotel at 7pm PT. in our room, we were greeted by this super cute little guy!

Days Inn HoOtel Room Greeter

Days Inn Hotel Room Greeter