Things are movin’ along quite nicely!

So, I’ve been training at Stenia since lat summer. We spent a few months fixing all my imbalances and breaking all my bad habits. Now we’re into the exciting stuff – all the heavy weights, challenging exercises, and intense runs. This is the stuff I love. Progress is incredibly exciting, and I’ve seen some pretty sweet improvements.

I’m working my butt off to conquer chin-ups. My goal: to be able to do 1 chin-up by June.

This is a very hard challenge for me. chinupsDuring this phase of my program, I am doing 4×6 reps of band-assisted chin-ups. Band-assisted chin-ups use a super strong resistance band looped onto the chin-up bar, and you put 1 or both knees into the band to support your chin-up. Last night, my very last rep on the 4th set was pretty sad – my trainer counts down to 4 to guide me to slowly lower myself… I don’t know if anyone has counted 4-3-2-1 so fast in their entire life as I essentially just dropped – haha – no control whatsoever. I will claim that I worked my ass off, and I was tired.

I’m enjoying and hating the running, too. The weekend is a recovery run – 10k @ 136-146 bpm, monitoring my heart rate (for reals this time – reporting back to my trainer actually makes me follow her instructions) makes for the slowest run ever in my entire life… which, in turn, makes it the easiest run of my entire life! Note: To survive 10k at extremely slow pace, bring on the Audiobook or bring the husband. During the week, I have a 5k run @ 171-181bpm, with the winter cold and my asthma, this has been a killer – pretty sure I sound like an accordion with all my wheezing; and then an interval run of 10 sets – 30 sec sprint & 30 second walk, this one is tough but it’s over in 10min – what a treat!


Tough Mudder is in my grasp. Holy shit, I’m going to do this.

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FemSport Photos!

Hubby and I finally had time to upload and fix photos from FemSport – ENJOY!

Team Meanako

Team Meanako

dear time, please stop. thank you, jenbacca.

whew life just keeps whizzing by much too fast for me to keep it! the countdown is on for Femsport… in 7 days, i will be in kamloops, wearing my team meanako shirt, getting ready for all the events.

our original team has changed. jayme unfortunately had to drop out as she is not able to make it to kamloops the weekend of april 1. after much negotiating and speaking with the Femsport director, we were able to fill the void with minako! woohoo!

we have been training for about a month now. i had put training on hold while i was running and training for my Half Marathon. Paula had been ridiculously sick for over a month. and then i got sick. lovely. anyway, we got through that hurricane of life and finally started pumping some iron. yes, i totally just said “pumping some iron”. and finally, just over a week ago, i located a gym with a 400lb tire to flip (also an 800lb tire i think – EEK), a prowler, and all sorts of olympic lifting equipment – Bells of Steel in the North (by the Irish Rugby Club). It is AWESOME and exactly what we have needed all along! Who know flipping a tire and pushing & dragging a prowler was so fun? functional training ftw!