late night june 4 – or early morning june 5?

everyone is asleep and i am desperate to get a relatively coherent blog in, so here i am @ 1am.

the trip has been absolutely fantastic, despite a few minor downfalls: bb is dead, mom and dad snore, limited internet access, we cannot send/receive text messages up here, and looooong hours in the car (which we expected, but it is still painful).

however, the good far outweighs the bad. the scenery is breathtaking. everywhere we go there is some kind of grandiose landscape that keeps blowing us out of the water. the wildlife is ridiculously abundant – i have never seen so many bears, moose, hares, dall sheep (mountain sheep) in my entire life! Jamie and dad have been taking a plethora of photos – most of which won’t end up on my blog, but on Jamie’s flickr site.

scroll down to my previous post, and you’ll find a bunch of my random “less professional” photos from the trip 🙂

tonight, we are sleeping in Anchorage. Tomorrow we will drive about 4 hours to Seward Alaska. Hopefully we will have internet access and will be able to give another update!

Ciao for now.



One thought on “late night june 4 – or early morning june 5?

  1. I see you found the big mosquitoes! Don’t turn your back on them! Great pictures, Jen. May I suggest trying Alaska King Crab? Seafood is so great when you are near the source.

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