back in anchorage

wow, it has been an amazing few days! we have been to Seward and Homer – both on the Kenai Peninsula in Southwest Alaska. Absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking

Homer offers world class Halibut fishing and Bear Viewing tours. Mom and I headed off to a small artistic community via Ferry called Halibut Cove; dad and Jamie flew off on a bear viewing tour at Lake Clark National Park. That night, we met up for the BEST DINNER I HAVE EVER HAD. Apparently, Albertans have no idea how to cook fish. Did you know that halibut should be moist and just barely flakey? And did you know that scallops cooked correctly should also almost be flakey? Also, real, fresh, wild alaskan salmon is a gorgeous deep pink/red, full of flavor. Yummmm!

Anyway, here are some of my random shots. You can find Jamie’s on his flickr site – he will upload all 8 million of his when we get back, but he has a few up there already: