Out of Alaska and into the Yukon!

We drove from Tok, AK to Whitehorse, YT today. Not too bad of a drive, especially with a stop at Buckshot Betty’s in Beaver Creek, Yukon! Homemade food & bakery – deeeelish. We had lunch, and got some super fresh cinnamon buns – so fresh, that we had to wait for them to glaze the suckers, and we could=n’t even wrap them up yet 🙂 I also picked up an awesome blue hoodie – that’s right, I said BLUE not black!

Once we got to Whitehorse, we checked into the hotel and then walked over to the local hotspot, “Yukon Salmon & Ribs”. omg. yum. Jamie ordered Muskox Stroganoff, I ordered Caribou stew, Mom ordered Bison Ribeye, and Dad ordered the Arctic Char. Mine also came with Bannock Bread (very different than what I made in school), and a delicious side salad of which 90% of the dressing made it onto my pants. I smelled salad for the rest of the night 😦 Otherwise, another FAANTASTIC meal! After dinner, with a need to walk off the enormous meals, we headed to the Suspension bridge over the Yukon River in Myre Canyon. Not very exciting, but a nice walk nonetheless.


One thought on “Out of Alaska and into the Yukon!

  1. Hi Jen & Jamie:
    Wow – what wonderful pictures you both have on your sites!
    That dinner sure looked delicious as well!

    Hope your last couple days are great and that we’ll have some sunshine waiting here for you!
    See you soon!

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