Summer is over and fall is here…

Where on earth did the last 2 months go!?! I’m not entirely sure, but it has definitely been a blast.

I have so many updates, and I am behind on so many photos, I don’t even know where to begin. However, due to current circumstance (I am in a Best Western in Thermopolis, WY without a USB cable for my camera), I will simply give a brief update of major events:

  1. August 29: My very first 10k race. 60:46. Damn good for a first timer.
  2. September 19: My second 10k race… This time with a nasty cold & chest congestion, and shitty weather with light rain and wind. But it’s ok, this one ended with a cupcake. 62:04.
  3. September 19 – current: Jamie and I are on a 7-day camping trip in Montana and Wyoming! We are spending most of our nights camping at a KOA in West Yellowstone, a small town just outside the East Entrance to Yellowstone National Park. We have seen many geysers (including Old Faithful), springs, mud pots, steam vents, pools, buffalo, deer, antelope, and elk. Today we did the 4-hr drive all the way east and then south of Yellowstone to Thermopolis, WY – the largest natural mineral pools in the world! And we had an awesome soak in them 🙂 Unfortunately I forgot my camera USB, and so did Jamie, so no photos for you!

More updates, with photos, to come! Ciao.