it’s officially time for an exciting blog post! on saturday, february 12, 2011 12:27pm – i crossed the finish line for the hypothermic half marathon! yes, tres exciting world!

i feel like doing a play by play:

  • 07:30am: my body wakes me up, even though i do not need to be @ eau claire market until 09:30am. i am just too nervous. this is ok, though – it gives me time to have a substantial breakfast of 1 orange and 2 pieces of dempster’s toast with peanut butter.
  • 09:25am: i arrive @ eau claire. time for a nervous pee.
  • 09:30am: i meet up with my fellow running room peeps. we shoot the shit and introduce husbands / boyfriends / fiances. photos ensue:
    Pre-race! See "Nervous" in the dictionary πŸ˜‰

    09:45am: nervous pee.

  • 09:55am: all 150 racers head towards the starting line. this was confusing, as the line started outside and ended up inside eau claire. before we knew it…
  • 10:00am: 3 – 2 – 1 – GO!
    Aaaand they're off!
    Aaaand they're off!

    1km: i am so nervous. everything is making me laugh. this is ok. let all these people go past me… see you all later!

  • 3km: hm, this kinda sucks. am i going too fast? too slow? why do my legs hurt already?
  • 4km: oh dear god this was a stupid idea. maybe i should have listened to my sore legs all week and threw in the towel. ugh. oh well, i better truck on through.
  • 7km: i’m in pain, but i can do this. time for a yummy electrolyte chew – sodium, potassium, and sugar FTW!
  • 9.5km: wow, i feel great! let’s pick up the pace! pain? what pain? i had no pain! my running buddy, cherie, points out the lack of pain since i had the electrolyte candy – *ding*! epiphany!
  • 10km: yay there is hubby! and he’s taking a photo of us!
  • 14km: time for more electrolyte goodness. more discussion on the fact that i haven’t been fueling myself properly the entire time i’ve been training, which explains why it always hurt so much for me on my long runs. (note: for fuel, see “carbs” and proper hydration, including sodium and potassium)

    Halfway point
    Halfway point
  • 17km: ok, now this is getting a bit painful, but that is normal.
  • 18km: omg – i have not run further than 18.5 yet. omg omg!
  • 19.6km: what?! we’re at 19.6?! HOLY HANNA – I’m excited but too tired to show it!
  • 20km: only 1km left. only 1km left. why oh why is the last 1km of the route this stupid twisty piece of crap thing. lets just get this over with.
  • 21km: I DID IT! I get a medal? omg i am going to collapse. ange, let me drink your entire 1 litre of water because i under-hydrated myself. i think i’m going to barf. just let me sit. thanks.

    Jen & Cherie cross the finish line
    Jen & Cherie cross the finish line
Group photo!
Group photo!

4 thoughts on “2:27

  1. Grats! Who knew you could go so many months training and training and still have something to learn about your body?

    I’m brimming with happiness for your accomplishment! You have so much to be proud of.



    1. thanks roger! I know it is crazy how much I learned during the race… Now I understand why they all say that your first half marathon is only about finishing πŸ˜‰

      /celebration dance

  2. Hey Jen! LOVED the blog! I felt EXACTLY the same way when the race officials made us veer to the left to go through Prince’s Island, I almost cried at that point!

    You did great and should be very proud of yourself! Thanks for the pics!

    1. Thanks Fliss πŸ™‚ It was really awesome to run into you 3 during the race – everyone referred to you as “The Disney Princesses”, just so you know haha

      I’ll be thinking about you the weekend of Feb 26!! Can’t wait to hear about it!

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