it has begun!

the countdown has begun for my next race – which also means i have finally started running again! and damn does it feel good to get back out there. well, kinda. last week, Jamie, Paula, and I ran the stairs behind Westhills. 4 times to try to match the 802 stair Climb for WIlderness @ the Calgary TOwer this weekend. THen we ran them again a couple of days later. Last night, I attempted my first official “get back into it” run – it was brutal – in Vancouver, during pollen season, with high pollution, and… no inhaler. i could barely breathe – i managed to push myself to knock off 4km. tonight, at home, with inhaler, and much better air quality proved to be a fantastic run.

just over 6 weeks to get myself back to 21km distance.

easy peasy.