6 sleeps to 42k!

November and December have been unbelievably exciting months. I reached my fundraising goal and I finished my long runs! All that remains is the actual race!

On Saturday, Nov 19, I headed out for my last super long run. It was meant to be 36km. My very supportive hubby joined me to knock off 10k before I met the rest of the group. It was -20 or -31 with the windchill. I met the running group; most just did the standard “10k”. Adrian stuck around for 16k. And John, our amazing running coach and friend, ran the entire remaining 21k with me! Wow! That was one of those days where moral support is priceless. Thanks, John.

Running in a winter wind along a river is NOT fun. But we did it.

It was definitely a case of “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” In total throughout the run, I ended up indoors twice – once to meet the running group, and once for a pit-stop during the last 21km. Do you know what you are NOT supposed to do when you’re exercising in the cold? You’re not supposed to go indoors (thaw out) and then back outdoors (re-freeze). I managed to get frostbite on my big toe due to wet feet (my shoes are NOT winter running shoes), freezing, and then going indoors to partially thaw, and then go back outdoors to freeze again. Ok, so I got minor frostbite. No biggie. BUT WAIT – I then break MORE rules – I didn’t know how to treat frostbite… so I stuck my foot under the car heater and then proceeded to have the hottest shower of my life. I turned my frostbit toe into a nice burn. 3 weeks later and it is still tender and healing. Woops.

Anyway, I ran in -31, I got frostbite on my toe, and still knocked off 31km that morning. Therefore, in 6 sleeps I can totally run 42km in the beauty and warm temperatures of Hawaii. I CANNOT WAIT!