Being pampered by a mild winter

I think we all recognize that, yes, us Albertans have been enjoying a crazily mild winter. Other than 1 or 2 runs pre-Christmas, this worked out perfectly in my favor. It has been really nice to not have to wear a toque and a parka on my runs. I wonder what my December running streak may have looked like had the weather acted a little more normal?

Last weekend I met up with John & group for a casual run through Nosehill Park. The first ~20mins was all uphill into a head wind. Carol and I almost didn’t make it. I was preparing my “Go on without me, I know you can make it” speech, when we finally arrived at the top. Strange – I am a born & raised Calgarian and had previously never been to Nosehill Park! What a beautiful “getaway” in the middle of the city. The flat plain at the top is high enough and wide enough that it almost feels like you aren’t even in the city. The sun was shining. The wind calmed down. The “up-hills” subsided. We couldn’t have asked for a nicer morning.

View of downtown from Nosehill on a Saturday morning long run

This weekend I met the group and we toured Confederation Park for a little 10k jaunt. I had been hoping for upwards of 15/16k, but no one else was going that far so we wrapped it up around 10k. Not a big deal. I planned on bringing my camera, but promptly forgot it in the car, and sometimes I just feel too lazy to get my iPhone out of my pocket – so no photos today.

Have a great weekend!