simple food combinations and ideas that surprised me, so they’ll probably surprise you

i’m into trying new food lately. for those who’ve known me longer than about 2 years, you’ll be weird out by knowing that i like LOVE mushrooms and olives now. i used to hate mushrooms enough that I would pick teeny tiny mushroom bits out of canned pasta sauce. i admit, that’s pretty f**ked up. or dedication. you decide.

anyway, i thought i’d share some of the unique food ideas i have been trying. i have a habit of trying to go through old food / leftovers because i don’t like to waste food. my rule of thumb (which completely contradicts Canadian health standards) is if it doesn’t have visible mold on it, it’s fine. i have hydrochloric acid in my stomach, i figure it can kill anything.

  1. Frozen banana + unsweetened cocoa powder + hand blender = pudding
  2. Grapefruit + roast it in the oven = much sweeter morning treat sans added sugar
  3. Greek yogurt + honey + cinnamon + any fruit under the sun (berries, banana, raisins, currants) = high protein, flavorful  snack
  4. Spinach + dates (chopped small) + pumpkin seeds + oil & vinegar = easy salad
  5. Sliced apple + peanut butter + raisins/choc chips/nuts + bake in oven = “apple nachos”

and that’s all i can think of at the moment!