Workin’ with the Monkeys

Jamie worked with the monkeys almost exclusively his entire time at Jaguar Rescue Center. It was a lot of hard work, but also quite a rewarding and interactive experience!

A normal day…

  • Started at 7:30am with cleaning the horse area… which involved shoveling poop and then raking
  • By 9am, Jamie escorted the monkeys to the jungle… And spent the morning there
  • Someone would relieve him for lunch around 1pm
  • He would often return back to the jungle around 2pm to continue watching them in the jungle
  • All the while, the monkey cage would be cleaned twice and have 2 tours go through it!
  • Around 3pm, Jamie would bring the monkeys back from the jungle
  • Then, around 3:30, he would often help bottle feed the monkeys again before we headed home for the day

I took a lot of photos – but mainly of feeding time in the afternoon. Jamie and I never worked together, so it was tough to get pics of him! He couldn’t bring a camera with him most times because the monkeys would try to steal it and break it… so here we have photos taken by me, from outside the monkey enclosure – through the glass.

I tried working with the monkeys for 1 shift… and I really disliked it. The monkeys were just too much in my personal space… so I asked to not be on monkeys đŸ™‚