the banana boat recipe

for those of you who did not experience the “banana boat” as a kid while camping, here is the recipe… super duper simple… very forgiving… and, just like an ice cream sundae, the toppings are pretty much endless.


  • whole unpeeled banan
  • mini marshmallows
  • peanut butter
  • Chocolate chips
  • tinfoil


  1. pre-heat oven to 400 degress celsius (or, have a campfire ready with nice red embers)
  2. take the peeled banana and slice down the middle -about 3/4 of the way through the banana itself. Don’t be shy – you’re objective is to make a boat to stuff all the yummy ingredients into
  3. begin stuffing the banana boat with ingredients. you can either be very scant or go completely overboard and have marshmallows, PB, and choc chips completely overflowing the boat. this is not master chef.
  4. wrap the whole thing in tinfoil, keeping in mind that you will need to open it gently later as not to disturb the magically melted fillings
  5. bake for 15-20min, or put in hot campfire embers for 10-15min
  6. take out of the oven, unwrap, and eat with a spoon – directly out of the peel!


feeling a little exhausted

the “no break” lifestyle is already catching up to me. thursday is my next day off and i cannot fucking wait.

saturday morning, jamie, paula, and i worked out at the gym. we did a semi-strength workout, including some new intervals on the rowing machine… row full body for 1 min, then row arms only for 30 secs, then row just legs for 30 sec. the arm-only row is ridiculously hard!! it was a fantastic back workout!

today i decided to skip my 08:30am group run – i decided to sleep in and play some wow instead with a giant mug of coffee. that felt good. then i attacked more christmas baking. i tried to make these “cherry-almond balls”, but i did not adjust the flour quantity enough so they broke and crumbled while baking. may they rest in peace in the garbage. after that failure, i tackled a fancy martha stewart recipe: chocolate peppermint cookies – a choc peppermint wafer-like cookie dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with ground candy cane. they turned out. and they are fucking delicious.

i proceeded to the gym to run my long-sunday-run. i am developing quite an aversion to winter running due to the uneven terrain. this past week, i rolled my ankle while walking back from coffee at work. it was sore for a couple days. so… i decided to play it extra safe and run inside today.i thought running 6miles on the treadmill would be brutally boring. it wasn’t nearly as bad as i expected! i focused on my heart rate, and made sure to maintain a pace slow enough that i could have a mildly hindered conversation. it worked out just fine.

jamie and i just dragged all the x-mas boxes from the storage room. my back is killing me from all the standing from baking and running. now we’re going to put up the tree. omfg i am ready for bed, and it isn’t even 8pm.