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“Long time, no talk. Where ya been?”

Around. You know – doin’ stuff. I have not posted since Costa Rica, so I figured it’s about time!

Shortly after we got home from Costa Rica, I ran the Banff Ekiden Relay with Miyuki, Kathy, Mamiko, and Marinela. It was a blast – just like last year!

Kathy, Miyuki, Mamiko, and me!

Kathy, Miyuki, Mamiko, and me!

In November, Jamie and I ran the Last Chance Half Marathon. That was not a blast. I did not fuel properly, and suffered calf-cramps for at least the last 5km. Afterwards, all the runners were treated to a free breakfast at The Garage in Eau Claire – it was horrendously revolting.

Me, hubby, and Kathy

Me, hubby, and Kathy

In the second half of November we installed laminate flooring! My little sister (the magician) helped us out. It took us 3 weekends in total to finish up every last bit… First, we didn’t buy enough flooring. Second, we didn’t buy enough flooring. And thirdly, Jamie and I were left with the task of the trim around the fireplace. Did I tell you that Jamie and I are both horrific procrastinators? Anyway, a lengthy time later, and our floor looks absolutely fantastic! Goodbye scrubbing carpet for 2hours only to have little-to-no visible difference!! TAKE THAT PIXIE!

Robin installing floor  Jamie at the Mitre Saw

Work has been very busy. Both hubby and I seem to work late at least a few days a week, every week. Thankfully, I can work from home 2-3 days a week… I don’t know how we could possibly keep up if we both had to commute downtown everyday!

I’ve also been training with my new trainer at Stenia Health & High Performance. We’re working on my running and my upper body strength! I’m very happy to report that I can run a 7km tempo run without any breaks, and apparently (per my trainer), my quads are getting nicely defined. Woop woop. I don’t remember if I’ve “announced” this, but I’m dragging hubby to Tough Mudder in Whistler this June… WOOHOO, bring on the pain!

We also got ourselves some snowshoes, and have been thoroughly enjoying them!

Jamie & I - Kananaskis in the background

Jamie & I – Kananaskis in the background

Heading out for a snowshoe with the gang... Jamie is himself

Heading out for a snowshoe with the gang… Jamie is himself


K-Country: Ptarmigan Cirque & Galatea

On the long weekend, hubby, Paula, and I ventured out into K-Country for a couple “easy” hikes. First we tackled the nice little 5k Ptarmigan Cirque loop – primarily to try and see little Pika’s amongst the rocks. Then hubby wanted to check out Galatea – apparently a flat, mild hike – just to get more out of our K-Country trip. So, we grabbed a banana for each of for a snack along the way and off we went.

20km and 2800ft elevation gain later…

'Nuff said...

finally, an update on what the bussey’s have been up to…

best. summer. ever.

i have been truckin’ along getting into my trail running groove, towing hubby along, happily, to my weekly training runs with john, paula, jody, christine, carol… on saturday morning (aug 18), i will embark on my final 5 peaks race: nakiska/delta, 12km. i know i can “muscle through it” – and i fully expect to want to die. this is totally ok with me. it’s my last one. go big or go home, right?

hubby has also been causin’ trouble on the trails. the week of july 23, he and his buddy discussed the bussey’s doing the canadian death race in 2013. on thursday, july 25, the north face’s 2012 death race team announced they needed runners due to injuries/sickness. on aug 3, we drove to grand cache. amazingness ensued:

it was such a busy weekend, i did not get any photos

well, that’s partially a lie. it was a busy weekend. but thats not why there are no photos… the main reason for no pics is that hubby participated in one of the events with me this weekend! which is approximately 1,000,000 times better than him being a spectator. not that i don’t love when he takes photos (because, uh, he is awesome); but it is just so much more fun to do something together!

maybe i have turned him into a runner and he doesn’t quite know it yet. SH! don’t tell him! it will be our little secret.

anyway – the weekend!

last wednesday, the physiotherapist gave me the green-light for easy running on pavement. in my head, this translated to full-on-whatever-i-wanted-so-long-as-i-wore-my-ankle-brace-and-remembered-to-not-be-dumb running on any terrain. which meant my 5 peaks race on saturday. it also meant the mud hero race on sunday. and it was fucking awesome.

5 peaks was at a municipal park in Sundre called “Snake Hills”. Much to my dismay, there were no snakes, but there were about 6 or 8, or maybe 12, but also possibly  different number, intermediate hills. they weren’t killer steep, they weren’t killer long… they were just plain old steep & long. the terrain was pretty much heaven… not very technical at all. 90% soft grass or soft dirt… 10% loose gravel or sticks & twigs. we were in this perfect little picturesque forest the entire time. it was a little humid. it was a nice, challenging track.

mud hero was so awesome! first off, it sold out. there were over 4,000 people participating. aside from the cash-gouging tactics, the venue was actually pretty awesome. the course itself was very easy; mostly flat with about 3 uphills. the ~13 obstacles were relatively easy (in comparison to other obstacle races out there, such as Spartan Race). It was a hot, dry day… Which unfortunately meant very little mud. No one was really covered in mud until the final mud pit right at the finish line… and that mud pit was 1/2 dried out, too. HOWEVER, even with the lack of mud, it was by far the most fun event I have participated in. Jamie did really well, even with a horrible cold (from me 😦 ), and Paula and I ran the whole thing together. I wish I had photos. Maybe there will be a couple of me on the Mud Hero website in a few days… If I find some, I will definitely post them!

Next event… 5 Peaks @ Nakiska/Delta on August 18th. I have decided to go for gusto and, failing another injury, I am going to do the full 12km run!

Sheep River Falls

kananaskis adventures

jamie absolutely loves heading out for day trips into k-country with his camera. so this weekend, we headed out together! we took the long way, started in bragg creek, turner valley. black diamond, longview, and through the highwood pass. it was a very humid, foggy, and rainy day – so we did not get any good pics from the highwood pass. however, on our way through turner valley, we decided to detour to Sheep River Falls. I had never been (and never knew it existed), but since hubby spent half his childhood in the area, he had been many times. it is off the beaten path, so very few people were around. it was almost identical to Elbow Falls, but less developed… so a little prettier.

Sheep River Falls

Sheep River Falls

Jamie exploring the falls

Jamie exploring the falls

Jen down river from the falls

Jen down river from the falls

Once we had explored the falls a bit, we were ready to leave. On our way cresting the hill to head to the parking, lot, we spotted some kayakers! COOL! We stayed to watch them. You can check out all the pics on Jamie’s flicker site (

The Kayakers arrive @ Sheep River Falls!

The Kayakers arrive @ Sheep River Falls!

Courageous Kayaker! Click for more photos.

Courageous Kayaker! Click for more photos.

Barrier Lake with Friends

On Monday, July 2, we braved the very flat & boring hike @ Barrier Lake. Ok, it was actually about 1800ft elevation gain up a mountain, and we ran it. Well, I tried to run – I probably ran about 40-50% of it. However, Jamie, Carolyn, Peter, and John pretty much ran the entire thing. In fact, they even did check-backs to me and our 1 hiker, Tamara. Yes – John’s running group still does check-backs on a mountain.

Jamie and Carolyn took the longest route both up and down the mountain, and totaled about 21km. Tamara and I did no checkbacks, and therefore had the shortest trek of about 17km.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, on a gorgeous trail! The scenery was too beautiful for me to really complain about how challenging it was. And believe me, it was. I could barely walk to ascend the last 10-15min to the summit to the Ranger Station. Just like John suggested when we first started trail running in April, I need to do some hill training. Go figure.

On the downside, I did roll my ankle on the descent. I have some kind of weird joint thing (bimordial joint syndrome i think?) which means I’m uber flexible… So I didn’t sprain my ankle, but I am in pain and I cannot flex my foot backwards. Here’s hoping it’s nothing. I’m going to see my physiotherapist today.

Here are some great shots Jamie took: