K-Country: Ptarmigan Cirque & Galatea

On the long weekend, hubby, Paula, and I ventured out into K-Country for a couple “easy” hikes. First we tackled the nice little 5k Ptarmigan Cirque loop – primarily to try and see little Pika’s amongst the rocks. Then hubby wanted to check out Galatea – apparently a flat, mild hike – just to get more out of our K-Country trip. So, we grabbed a banana for each of for a snack along the way and off we went.

20km and 2800ft elevation gain later…


2 thoughts on “K-Country: Ptarmigan Cirque & Galatea

  1. You guys are warriors!! That’s a crapload of hiking and it looks like you had a great time. I never even knew there was such a thing as Pikas- you can now say you write and educational blog! Congrats on your successful 4outta5 Peaks season- enjoy the break in Costa Rica!

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