Island Update Part Deux

And now for pics from the rest of our trip, after the marathon!

Things are starting to happen so fast!

Lately, I have been getting up at the crack of dawn to get my runs in. My close friend, Paula, met me at 6am for a short run on Thursday morning – in Calgary it was windy and wet – i was so thankful to have a buddy motivate me (even if she doesn’t know it) to get out there and do it! i ended up knocking off about 6k… perfect for a cold, windy, 6am run!

On Saturday, I hauled my butt out of bed to be out the door to start running at 6:30am – that way I could easily get in at least 10k before meeting my running group at 8am and finishing off my remaining k’s… so, I woke up at 5:30 (i need to eat an hour before), and was out the door by 6:30. I was rewarded with an absolutely gorgeous “cotton candy” cloud sunrise by the time I got to Prince’s Island Park.

East-facing Sunrise overlooking Prince's Island Park

I met up with my group around 8am, and we proceeded to go on what we thought was a 16km run. I didn’t check my GPS during the run, we just followed our 10’s and 1’s… As I approached what I thought was 21k, it started getting tough. the next 6k was tough… extra long walk breaks, and a slightly slower pace. My ankle also started to hurt (as I had rolled it earlier in the morning when it was dark and I couldn’t see very well); I found myself wincing at the pain – walking was actually harder than running because the pain was more noticeable. ANyway, alongside my running buddy, Jodi (aka moral support!!!) we finished our route – WOOHOO! I looked at my GPS. 17.6k… Plus 11.2k from my “pre-run”… holy hannah I ran 28.8k! What an amazing feat!!!! I am SO proud of myself! It’s amazing what proper sleep, proper nutrition (primarily that means ENOUGH food), and proper hydration can do! 42k keeps losing it’s overwhelming intimidation – I am about 13k away from my final race distance.



slowly, but surely

i am, slowly, but surely, getting closer to the crazy distance i need to run on sunday, december 11.

this past weekend i made it to 24.5k. previously, i was having a very difficult time adding mileage… by 18k, my legs were started to tell me that moving was no longer a priority. i would become less chatty, and i have a feeling i eminated a bit of a snappy attitude, too. after one of my longer runs i almost got sick, i couldn’t stand and my face went completely pale. i obviously was not doing something right. this is where trial & error comes in. the challenge is that no single body is the same. every single human being needs a slightly different formula of sleep, nutrition, and hydration. there are some guidelines you can use as a starting point – but there are absolutely no rules. so, i started experimenting – and i finally found my magic forumla… on my long runs (over 20k) i need, at a minimum: 1 bagel with some kind of spread (PB or cream cheese), 1 egg, 2 servings of electrolytes while i run (in liquid or solid format), and 1.5litres of water. after being exhausted, sick, irritable, and a little discouraged, i tried my new formula and had my best long run ever this past saturday. i also need to do a mini “carb load” the day before the run, which means a couple extra pieces of fruit, and change the ratio of carbs to protein to fat to about 75:15:10. it also means focusing on hydration, and trying to get proper sleep. the latter has been a complete wash. as i’ve been training harder, it has become more difficult to sleep… i often have nights where I cannot fall asleep until 3am…

but maybe that’s my iphone addiction.

. . . And fall rolls in (kinda)

Ahh, I love fall. The leaves changing color, comfort food and thanksgiving dinner, and really hot temperatures. Wait – what?? Yeah, so far this September has had some really toasty days! I think I like it… but… I really miss comfy sweaters and wearing socks.

As the season has been “trying” to change, I’ve also been really enjoying running. I’m meeting lots of new people, enjoying the scenery, and trying to enjoy the slow and slightly painful distance progression. My schedule has changed a bit, so I am now able to join my fellow Joints in Motion (JIM) trainees on Thursday evenings – WAY more fun than running solo!

My Joints in Motion running buddies

This past weekend, I participated in Melissa’s Road Race in Banff. This is a long standing road race, and sells out within a couple weeks! I ran it with my friend, Paula. It was her first half marathon – a VERY exciting moment for any runner! Way to go Paula!

My close friend Paula and I before Melissa's Road Race

This weekend, I have a 25k run on the agenda. I’m nervous. I’ve been running approx 23k for the past 2 weeks, and it has not been easy. For any new runners out there, you know what I mean when I say “adding mileage hurts”. I admit, this journey is exciting, scary, and painful!

On a not-s0-running-related note… I recently got an iPhone, and I LOVE IT. It has ensued in tons of photos while running which makes my blog posts WAY more exciting!

making progress :D

my saturday morning run was kinda sorta awesome. we ended up pushing over 17k (over 18k for the faster ones who checked back), and added a long stint on a rather intense trail… this has been my longest run since may 29, and it actually felt great. i can totally feel the difference in a slow & progressive training plan compared to my previous “aggressive” training plans! and let me tell you – slow & progressive is the way to go!

the more i run and the more i blog, the more i realize i need a newer smartphone. primarily because i would really like to take pics while i’m out running. my bb doesn’t have a camera 😦

quick training & fundraising update

Time sure flies. I woke up today and realized I have 4months + 1 week until I run the 42km Honolulu Marathon! Training is going really, really well. Those of us on the NWT & AB Team are the lucky trainees to work with our coach, John. He has been working with the Arthritis Society for almost 10 years, has run over 40 marathons, and has a never-ending wealth of knowledge and experience to share with us “newbies”. I have been running with him for about 5 weeks now and I can already see the difference his methods have made!

50/50 Draw

Jen & Ange @ 50/50 Draw on July 28. Ange is being very serious and talking to a participant.

This past week I held a 50/50 Draw in the lobby of the TELUS Tower. We raised $665 – that puts me to about 81% of my goal!! That is $3900 towards Arthritis Research and Education Programs. I’ve had a few people come forward

and share their experiences of Arthritis with me – it affects so many people. To some, it’s a mild but constant pain, and to others it is a life-altering day to day struggle. You have no idea how many people we walk by every single day are living with this disease. My arthritis Hero has a surgery in November on her hand which is almost completely unusable right now; one month in a cast, 3-6 months of physio, and the doctor assures her hand will be good as new. She can also expect an additional surgery on her other hand within the next year.

Thank you for your support. Together we are fighting arthritis.