. . . And fall rolls in (kinda)

Ahh, I love fall. The leaves changing color, comfort food and thanksgiving dinner, and really hot temperatures. Wait – what?? Yeah, so far this September has had some really toasty days! I think I like it… but… I really miss comfy sweaters and wearing socks.

As the season has been “trying” to change, I’ve also been really enjoying running. I’m meeting lots of new people, enjoying the scenery, and trying to enjoy the slow and slightly painful distance progression. My schedule has changed a bit, so I am now able to join my fellow Joints in Motion (JIM) trainees on Thursday evenings – WAY more fun than running solo!

My Joints in Motion running buddies

This past weekend, I participated in Melissa’s Road Race in Banff. This is a long standing road race, and sells out within a couple weeks! I ran it with my friend, Paula. It was her first half marathon – a VERY exciting moment for any runner! Way to go Paula!

My close friend Paula and I before Melissa's Road Race

This weekend, I have a 25k run on the agenda. I’m nervous. I’ve been running approx 23k for the past 2 weeks, and it has not been easy. For any new runners out there, you know what I mean when I say “adding mileage hurts”. I admit, this journey is exciting, scary, and painful!

On a not-s0-running-related note… I recently got an iPhone, and I LOVE IT. It has ensued in tons of photos while running which makes my blog posts WAY more exciting!

making progress :D

my saturday morning run was kinda sorta awesome. we ended up pushing over 17k (over 18k for the faster ones who checked back), and added a long stint on a rather intense trail… this has been my longest run since may 29, and it actually felt great. i can totally feel the difference in a slow & progressive training plan compared to my previous “aggressive” training plans! and let me tell you – slow & progressive is the way to go!

the more i run and the more i blog, the more i realize i need a newer smartphone. primarily because i would really like to take pics while i’m out running. my bb doesn’t have a camera 😦