Yare the Sloth – my BFF

Yare (pronounced YAR-eh) was by far my favorite sloth. He is about 1 yr old. Sloths stay with their mom until they are about 1.5 years, so Yare still needs to be taken care of. At first, Yare did not like me. It was quite the challenge to get him from his enclosure to the […]

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Super quick update

it has only been a couple weeks since I realized my protein/iron/sodium/something something issues, and I am already feeling a little better. On top of that, I have a lovely cough/cold of some sort, so this must be a good sign. I have incorporated red meat into my diet temporarily, as well as protein shakes […]

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Aaaand… they’re off!

jen gets anotherĀ  F on blog updates. sorry about that. if john can do a once a week update, i should be able to as well… right? anyway, onto the awesome topic at hand: Afton & Janelle are off to do their Hervis Half Marathon in Prague! For both lovely ladies, it is their first […]

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