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my husband, jamie, and i are avid family guy fans. we have all the seasons on dvd, and watch them over and over again. i would like to give my feedback on the season premier. oh. my. god. that was so fucking hilarious. i like star wars and i like family guy so it seems like great combination to me. my favorite part that sticks out was when c3po (quagmire) questions the cleanliness of the dot matrix printer he had relations with; then the printer printed a heart. sweet. i remember our dot matrix printer when growing up; it was awesome. the hole-guide-thingies on the edges were also excellent for crafts – i found myself folding them into accordions all the time. anyway, bottom line, i loved the family guy season premier.

we just recently watched “blades of glory”. that was quite the funny movie. i thought it was going to be fucking lame like other movies such as “the ringer”, and “delta farce”. i am embarassed to have those rentals on my account at blockbuster. i will never get that time back. anyway, back to blades of glory. i think will ferrel is an absolutely hilarious; i’m not sure if i’ve ever seen one of his moves i dind’t like. i also liked his skits on SNL. the one that sticks out is when he plays a character who is a childrens entertainer with his wife; they go around singing songs and playing their keyboard. i love it.

oh yeah i also forgot to mention how much i loved the “hanker for a hunk of cheese” skit from family guy. I JUST SMOKED A BIG BOWL O’ CRACK!


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  1. I am “borrowing” someone’s internet to view your blog!!! 😀 haha someone in my building has an unsecured wireless connection! lol

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