i’m jen rambo

i want to tell you a story. as of saturday morning, i had never seen rambo. in fact, i didn’t really know what it was all about. i made some assumptions that it was sylvester stallone, sweaty, hardcore, and a lot of violence. jamie suggested we go see the new rambo.

guess what?

the movie was sylvester stallone, sweaty, hardcore, and a lot of violence. turns out i wasn’t missing much. the special effects were kinda cool.

for the record, i am still keeping up with my scheduled workouts! i haven’t given up! i have no inkling to give up! however, i am not quite eating right yet. i’m still having peanut butter, salad dressing (regular kind), and lots of starches everyday. i lost the most weight when i cut all that crap out of the diet.

oh oh! i went to the dr today to report dizziness. unbeknownst to me, i have apparently had low blood pressure my entire life. i’m not sure if the dr told me and i didn’t clue in, or if she simply didn’t tell me, but i figure that would have been an important thing to know. oh well, i’m still alive. anyway, recently i have been super dizzy and have had poor balance and can barely stand after a workout or when i get up in the morning. turns out that, due to cutting back my sodium intake, my blood pressure is even lower. dr’s recommendation: have more salt!  go figure! how many people are actually told they need more salt?!?



this pilon on top of my monitor has a weird smell

of course, only when you sniff it. don’t sniff my pilon.

i want to let everyone know that i have sincerely been trying to post for like the last 3 weeks… but something comes up, or the sites isn’t working, or i get annoyed with a slow internet connection . . . anyway, bottom line, i’m finally posting and i deserve a prize – who’s getting me a prize?!

 i found an amusing shirt at which i think suits me awesomely. simple – black with a quote “more people have read this shirt than my blog” which i think would be very true. in fact, is anyone reading this post? maybe this is more like my electronic teeny bopper diary – and if no one reads it, i can share my most inner thoughts:

  • i have sniffed my pilon
  • i liked “sisterhood of the travelling pants”
  • i cried in the simpsons movie
  • i used to lick the inside of microwave popcorn bags (but now that would make me barf)
  • i want extreme moose tracks ice creak for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

so, we have 32 days until we realize we all just put ourselves in debt for a 5 sec poor-job-of-acting-fake-“i-appreciate-this-gift”-reaction from your friends and family. well, it’s not always fake, but i have chosen to be pessimistic and bitchy for this paragraph. hah-hah! i wonder if i should give someone my pilon? fuck that, no one likes this pilon more than i.

we are going to see hitman tomorrow night with friends of ours. previews look pretty good; i am not going to check out rotten tomatoes as i want to go in with no pre-judgement based on other people’s opinions.

i would like to note that i am not gay, i just like rainbows.

ah, another joyous work week approaches. . .

well, we unfortunately made it through the entire day and now we loom over the imminent arrival of another monday. ugh. oh well.

in preparation for our halloween party this year (sorry any parents reading this, this is a kids only party), we stopped by zellers to check out their cheap-0 decorations and successfully found a few items. once involves a plastic shrunken head with part of the spine sticking out, pretty cool stuff.  oh, at michael’s, i found a cute little halloween sign that advertises ear wax and booger cakes – how could i have possibly passed that up?!? i didn’t. so i bought it.

the only thing good about sunday night is the tv lineup: simpsons, family guy, and american dad. i am a fan of those shows. i must note that we are likely going to cancel tv during the winter – once motogp is over for the season. we tend to watch dvd’s rather than tv anyway… so lets contribute to a less couch-potato lifestyle and be even more active!

we stopped renting from blockbuster, and have replaced it with something called .  it’s an online dvd-rental-mailing service. makes sense for those of us who rent movies all the time – i know there are a lot of you out there who just download what you want to watch but, well, i am much too lazy for that!