ah, another joyous work week approaches. . .

well, we unfortunately made it through the entire day and now we loom over the imminent arrival of another monday. ugh. oh well.

in preparation for our halloween party this year (sorry any parents reading this, this is a kids only party), we stopped by zellers to check out their cheap-0 decorations and successfully found a few items. once involves a plastic shrunken head with part of the spine sticking out, pretty cool stuff.  oh, at michael’s, i found a cute little halloween sign that advertises ear wax and booger cakes – how could i have possibly passed that up?!? i didn’t. so i bought it.

the only thing good about sunday night is the tv lineup: simpsons, family guy, and american dad. i am a fan of those shows. i must note that we are likely going to cancel tv during the winter – once motogp is over for the season. we tend to watch dvd’s rather than tv anyway… so lets contribute to a less couch-potato lifestyle and be even more active!

we stopped renting from blockbuster, and have replaced it with something called zip.ca .  it’s an online dvd-rental-mailing service. makes sense for those of us who rent movies all the time – i know there are a lot of you out there who just download what you want to watch but, well, i am much too lazy for that!