wwww.jenbacca.com will give you a page cannot be displayed error

yep, it’s true, 4 w’s in front of a url won’t work. it’s official. now you can all sleep at night, congratulations.

i would like to notify everyone that the classic ab wheel is an excellent tool to work your abdominals. it also works your shoulders and arms. it’s relatively cheap (maybe $20?), small, and easy to use – excluding the challenge of actually using your abs!

my biggest pet peeve, something that truly gets under my skin and really bothers me, is when people accuse me of something i didn’t do – or give credit for something i didn’t do, but that’s not nearly as annoying of a negative accusation. i have this memory that just boils my blood everytime i think about it – elementary school, grade 4-ish, this total bitch of a vice principal accused me of being part of a gang-like attack on another girl in school; innocent as i was, i denied any involvement in the situation at hand; however, ms.silver (oh, yes, i remember her name) would not let me leave her fucking office until i said i was involved! if i could go back in time and talk to my younger 10-year-old self, i would make sure i stood up for myself! argh.

this also spurs memories of other bitchy/mean authority figures: mrs ledbeater; mr kimball (who was truly an excellent teacher, but also an ass); wow, i can only remember 2 others. that’s pretty good.

ow my hamstrings are sore. yay to straight-leg deadlifts and hamstring curls.


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  1. Mr. Kimball was a dick weed! He made me go back to science 10 because I didn’t learn the way he taught, and according to him there was only one way to do things! JERK!!!

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