sometimes fridays feel like mondays

this morning i am so unbelievably tired. i am actually having trouble focusing. it seems the more winter-y the weather gets, the more exhausted i seem to feel. or maybe its something completely different, i don’t know. i have been eating less veggies lately. ok, i will up my daily spinach intake.

i had orange juice for dessert last night. is that sad?

this weekend is going to be such a cluster, assuming the weather is good tomorrow so we can still go hiking. i am getting tired just thinking about this weekend.

we went to don’s hobby shop last night to pick up some halloween / theatre make up. they have some pretty sweet stuff. i saw an r2 d2 costume for a child; an adult wookie costume; and many more cool things. i am going to be a zombie this year, so i got some good “dead” make-up. the guy at the store spent a lot of time showing us the ins and outs – thanks dude!