i’m jen rambo

i want to tell you a story. as of saturday morning, i had never seen rambo. in fact, i didn’t really know what it was all about. i made some assumptions that it was sylvester stallone, sweaty, hardcore, and a lot of violence. jamie suggested we go see the new rambo.

guess what?

the movie was sylvester stallone, sweaty, hardcore, and a lot of violence. turns out i wasn’t missing much. the special effects were kinda cool.

for the record, i am still keeping up with my scheduled workouts! i haven’t given up! i have no inkling to give up! however, i am not quite eating right yet. i’m still having peanut butter, salad dressing (regular kind), and lots of starches everyday. i lost the most weight when i cut all that crap out of the diet.

oh oh! i went to the dr today to report dizziness. unbeknownst to me, i have apparently had low blood pressure my entire life. i’m not sure if the dr told me and i didn’t clue in, or if she simply didn’t tell me, but i figure that would have been an important thing to know. oh well, i’m still alive. anyway, recently i have been super dizzy and have had poor balance and can barely stand after a workout or when i get up in the morning. turns out that, due to cutting back my sodium intake, my blood pressure is even lower. dr’s recommendation: have more salt!  go figure! how many people are actually told they need more salt?!?