ah, sunday

another week gone by… well, two since my last post. i’m almost overwhelmed with how many updates are required since my last post… hmm… played in a volleyball tournament last saturday. that was kinda fun. it was also kinda not fun in the sense that all the balls were over filled and super hard and hurt like a mother fucker. everyone at the tourney suffered. we then had our regular league game the next day. that was not fun.

soccer’s been going allright. we won a game and lost a game recently. winning was sweet. this is the teams first season in div 5, and man is it tough! yikes! so much more running every single game, and by running i mean back and forth all the way up and down the field. currently, our team is in last place for the season . . . i believe that if you are in last place by the end of the season you get bumped back down a division. this is a good and bad thing. we’ll see how it turns out.

i have been keeping up with going to the gym almost everyday. i skipped a couple days when i went to toronto for work, and also when we had company over and on valentine’s day. that means i have only missed 5 workouts in a 4 week period. this is pretty good; missing those days are definitely an exception and not a rule. but hey, you gotta live life, too.

we went to a hitmen game last night – with steph, robin, and jamie. it was pretty fun. they won! yay! then we went to a pub and drank a whole bunch and had pizza and played songs on the jukebox. the  playlist was pretty hurtin’; apparently the owner is some old guy who’s extremely old fashioned and takes any questionable songs of the playlist. boooooo.

i am not feeling sarcastic right now. it’s like sunday morning blah time right now. i just spent the last hour and a half watching “hogan knows best” and “bulging brides”. and drinking tea. and i had a piece of bread with peanut butter. wow. i’m amazing. now i have to work up the effort to get my ass down to the gym. it closes at 3, and it is noon right now. i should be able to make it. hah.