who the fuck pressed “fast forward” on my life?!

jeez, where the hell has all the time gone? on that note, where have all the cowboys gone? oh, right, its not stampede.

seriously, life has gone by so fast. traveling, workload increasing, attempting to be religiously faithful to the gym and my body; it all adds up, and the sum of it all means no blogging.

i dont even know what to type. i’ll attempt to provide amusement to my audience of, i dunno, 3 people maybe? i’ve stretched my ears a little more; it’s funny, i thought 4-gauge would be pretty big but it looks/feels a lot smaller than i expected. once my one lobe heals (yes, i ripped it, thats what happens when you insert big things into little holes), i’m sure i’ll stretch further. we’ll see. . . (oooh, drum roll please). my god, was that even funny? i’m so fucking busy that when i try to be me i end up providing a boring status report. i am drinking low sodium v8. wow. what a difference in taste. its kinda nasty. however, despite the icky flavor, i will drink it – 1 serving of vegetables in a can! works for me!

so, the gym. how’s this been going?! i’ve been pretty damn committed, but i don’t feel like i’m getting the results i’d like. my next “measurement day” is mon mar 17. hopefully i haven’t gained weight again, and hopefully i’ve lost an inch or two, here or there.  my clothes do not seem to be fitting differently. i suppose after monday i might have to step it up a notch. i don’t know how, though – i work out at least 5 days/week and eat pretty damn healthily. i must be cheating on myself without being consciously aware.