2008 seems to be bringing some sweet films

we went to see cloverfield last weekend. it was an awesome movie; however, i decided the motion sickness warnings did not apply to me despite my susceptibility to motion sickness. i thought i was going to hurl on the people in front of me.  other than that i fuckin’ loved it. shooting it in first person added to the fear.

i would like to express my extreme excitedness over 2 movies being released in 2008. i saw the trailers when we went to see cloverfield. i wonder how many people heard me scream “OMG STAR TREK! YESSSS!”  followed by “Sweet, IronMan!” . After these trailers i had goosebumps. Yep, I’m a dork. it’s official. The goosebumps went away when i started to feel yarfy though.   i have no idea what the star trek movie is going to bring, but as per imdb there will be a young kirk and a young spock obviously played by different actors than the original. . . i don’t know if i could ever get enough star trek movies. i hope they keep making them for all of eternity.

i also hope i can decide on something for my next tattoo.

i also wish i could win the lottery.

some of these things just won’t happen.

i bought a full exhaust for my bike yesterday, as per jamie’s recommendation that it was a sweet deal. a full muzzy exhaust for my sv650, for just over half the normal retail price (due to shipping). i am quite excited about this, as well. i guess that means that as soon as it is above 10* in the spring, i will be spending a lot of time in the garage installing it! wahoo! that stuff is pretty fun… definitely enjoy taking the bike apart 😀 as long as we get it back together.  

so i think i posted that i joined spa lady. either way, i am now a member of a gym. i have gone every day so far (well, i did take 1 day off) and i love it. anyway, after 4 weeks i am going to have them take all my measurements and stuff again. hopefully i will have shrunk 1″ in at least my waist; shrinking a bit will then result in me ordering my custom leathers. YAY a leather suit that will fit. i will have to do before/after photos so u can see me morph from a fat robot to a biker chick. sounds bizarre… a fat robot… hmmm.