“happy hump day”

that’s what someone said on one of my conference calls at work. i find that amusing. hah.

oh my god i cannot believe how friggin tired i am today. my etire body feels like napping. it might have something to do with me finally getting off my ass and working out – yep, i joined the gym. spa lady to be more specific. so far, so good. of course it’s only been a couple days so i really can’t provide true insight into my commitment over the next few weeks, months, years . . . here’s hoping to the best!

i wonder if i’ve ever mentioned that there is a new good earth cafe downtown here, about a 5min walk from the tower… well, i’m mentioning it now. i love their coffee and baked goods. mmm, apple muesli scone – THAT is good stuff. also, theire coffee is organic, shade grown, and fair trade. what more could i ask for?

i joined volleyball; after my second sunday of game (matches), i am yet again covered in bruises. well, covered really means small ones on my wrist. as far as i can tell, i am ‘bumping’ the ball completely incorrectly thus causing myself pain. my wrist/lower forearm was actually sore for a good 24 to 48 hours. jamie suggests that volleyball may not be the sport for me. nay i say! i will learn how to bump; either that or i will avoid it at all costs and hit the ball in my own “made-up-non-jen-injuring” ways.