ugh, how i hate winter. . . real winter, not that -1 weather we’ve been having

i really dislike having to bundle up to go outside, still feeling a chill, having a runny nose, and then having to do it all over again when it is time for a coffee. blech. i wish it only went down to a max of -10.

this morning, as i have done on multiple other occasions, i completely forgot to drop the bus ticket i was holding in my hand into the fare-bucket thingie. that’s right, my hand was like 1 foot away for the drop box and i forgot. this has happened before. it seems when i am holding my laptop bag and getting ready to drop it at that front storage section, while looking for a place to sit, i am overwhelmed and cannot handle the simple additional task of putting the ticket in the fare box. so i continued onto my seat, found the ticket in my hand, thought to myslef “fuck, i’m an idiot. oh well, i’ll drop it off on my way off the bus.” Well, obviosuly the bus driver did not know my intentions (dear city of calgary, please invest in telepathy. sincerely, jen.” Anyway, at the next stop, the bus driver gets out of her seat, walks to this other blonde lady and asks her something (of course i can’t hear as I have my headphones in); she then continues to walk down the aisle, point at me, and said something (of which all i heard was “fare”). i knew exactly what she was asking, so i stood up, apologized, and tried to give her my ticket. Nope, that’s not good enough. She talks to my like a fucking 3 year old, “ok, you come here and put it in yourself.” Like what the fuck was that? Here I am admitting I fucked up, in front of all the other passengers, and she still demands i walk in front of everyone like some kind of “walk of shame”. thanks bitchy bus lady. maybe you should pick on people who actually TRY to fuck the system.

did i mention i had a crappy sleep last night?

i have joined spa lady. for whatever reason, the gym @ our house is so unappealing, the thought of picking up a free weight in there makes me never want to workout again. anyway, did you know that spa lady offers personal trainer services with your gym membership? i’m sorry, but that is fucking wicked. i’m meeting with someone tonight @ 5:00pm, very excited.