when i am feeling philosophical, leftover toast crumbs on a black plate look like stars in the night

ugh i feel like crap right now. overall it’s been a good day, but a long one for sure.

started off by meeting my folks for breakfast @ 8:30 am. we met at the ricky’s in deerfoot meadows (very nice, not super busy location!). my eggs were anemic; they were a very light shade of yellow and did not have any of that yolk flavor. otherwise breakfast was tasty. i also had a hot chocolate with miscellaneous whipped topping. mmmm, miscellaneous.

then we split up, jamie going home, and my parents and i made our way  to the bow valley ranch in fish creek park to participate in the telus day of service. we volunteered to help pick up garbage in parts of fish creek. this was not nearly as exciting as i expected. however, i found some lucky treasures in my garbage hunt:

  1. a lizard. i picked him up. he (i don’t know the gender; i have no clue how to sex a lizard)was obviously was a cold little guy because he was moving at the pace of a glacier creeping towards a small village.
  2. deer poo
  3. bear poo
  4. and last, but not least, i found a maxi pad. yes, someone left an opened maxi pad, which did not appear to be used but hey maybe she was having a no drip day, in fish creek park. way to go whoever you are.

finished at 12 noon and went for coffee; closest 2nd cup (aka closest clean pisser) was in braeside. not sure if anyone else feels this way, but i did not feel “accepted” in my old afi shirt with skulls down the sleeves and cargo with camo print pants amongst all the moms and old people in their american eagle, norther reflections, gap, a&f, etc etc. in fact, despite the fact that i was with mom and dad, i was stared down approximately 3 times. interesting. thanks for coming out.

met up again with jamie to venture to market mall. that was a mistake. just slightly busy on a saturday afternoon in the fall. parking was not fun. we almost had to park in the pile of moldy leaves by the recycling station. alas, a yukon pulled out and blessed us with somewhere to park to later enter the fucking busy mall.

i have tried bourbon st grill 3 times now, and i will never eat it again.

just got up from an hour long nap. the kind that you fall into a deep twisted sleep and have bizarre dreams that make you feel uncomfortable, have a stiff neck or arm or knee, and have the most disgusting taste in your mouth you could ever imagine. my toast and homemade raspberry jam did not alleviate the sour taste. post-post i will be brushing my teeth and gargling like mad. ewww.