why did that lady freak out so much when i touched her while sitting beside her on the bus?

it’s a rather small seat, why would i bother leaving a gap, thus edging my one cheek off the seat, solely for your comfort? give me a fucking break – in the words of matt b, “unbelievable”.

we got our asses kicked last night at soccer. how not fun. don’t get me wrong, i love playing, but it would be nice to win. it would also be nice if i didn’t fumble so often when i’m in play with the ball. i would also really really appreciate not flinching everytime the ball comes my way. it’s embarassing, actually – i swear if the frickin’ opponent kicks the ball even remotely in my direction i squeeze my eyes shut and tilt my head as though i’m about to take that soccer ball in my face – suddenly i open my eyes and the ball is at least 20ft from me. oh, and another thing, why can all these big girls run way faster than me? fuck, i must be the shittiest runner on the planet. i mean, i jog at least weekly (try to a few times a week); admittedly i’ve been on hiatus over the holidays but, really, it hasn’t made much difference. i’m no slower because i was so slow to begin with. i feel like i need more spinach.

hello, popeye?

i am so whiny today. i have a headache. late night last night – fuck all you perverts, late night due to soccer.

so i’m stretching my ears. i am at 10g right now. i think i got a little over zealous as i purchased a kit to stretch to 4g. that’s a little bit much all at once. i tried to rape my ear last night. i bet i can do it if i try long enough, but 12midnight last night after an exhausting game of soccer after not having any sleep the previous night may not have been the best time to try this. maybe i will try raping my ear again tonight.