housekeeping? . . . . . . i come in anyway? ok, i come in any way.

sometimes i wonder if it i am insurable. i hurt my left knee at the last soccer game (by tripping over the ball), and i tripped on fri night – bruised my calf and hurt my right ankle. this is just barely the tip of the iceberg. i hurt myself on a regular basis.

so i think i updated everyone on my diagnosis of low blood pressure; treatment = more sodium. i think this was not necessarily the best advice my doctor could have told me. i increased my sodium intake drastically, and the outcome was not my preference. continue reading and you’ll find out why.

so, on march 18 i took my measurements and stuff again at spa lady. not the results i was hoping for by a long shot. i’m definitely bummed out about that, so i want to increase the intensity of my workouts and lower my fat intake. also – i finally acutally researched sodium and how it affects your body; low and behold it causes water retention, which results in weight gain! go figure. so i drastically dropped my sodium intake and lost 2lbs withing 2 days (i hadn’t seen my weight drop at all the last 2 months). this is very exciting.

ugh i’m so hungry i totally didn’t bring enough food today vkcjlnasfknaf. i already ate everything i brought and i’m only half way done the day. perfect. that means i have to get off my ass and go buy something.