new laptops and new monitors make me a happy girl

yay i just got a new laptop and new monitor at work! very exciting. unfortunately we’re having challenges finding my e-mail folder on the new hard drive. . . hopefully it all works out because that is by far my most important file!

anyway, enough work stuff.

went to the ministry show last night – that was fucking awesome. i’ve never actually took the time to really listen to ministry; i went to the show only because it is their last tour apparently. i am soooo glad we went! wow. i am speechless as to how much i enjoyed the music! the venue (the whiskey) totally blew chunks. i made lots of friends, too. one super drunk chick (her name is marsha, although i almost thought i heard marshall) – she is from toronto and flew to edmonton and then drove to calgary. didn’t ministry scheudle a stop in toronto? i question some people. i also ended up talking to this scary creepy guy who kept commenting on how crazy the people are in the mosh pit. i wish he had left me alone. go away creepy face!

i’m taking friday off – yay!

i like cake, yay!