i just amazed myself

to geeks of the world, this will sound lame. but to people like me (aka users), this is sweet. i just upgraded wordpress (the tool i use to blog) ALL BY MYSELF. it wasn’t like microsoft apps or whatever where a wizard does it for you, i had to copy files and all sorts of other stuff. to ange and neil – this is like tying your shoes, but to me, it was like tying my shoes with 15 laces in different patterns and if you do 1 wrong then nothing else works.

so… my last post was may 26. i suck. i know. but life has been fucking busy. work is ridiculous, and jamie and i are really poor at time management @ home. i think my first step to better this is to not watch TV. this worked today – i read for over an hour this morning, then ran an errand, and now i found the time to update my blog AND make a post. now all thats left to do is get back into my workout routine. i am determined to have sweet muscles dammit.

i’m starting to get used to the touch pad on my work laptop now. i don’t know why i feel the urge to announce this; maybe it’s because i have hated the fucking thing for so long… actually, a couple days ago i managed to do enough things accidentally that i deleted an email folder containing all the emails for the main project i’m working on. that is why they have a “recover deleted items” button – for people like me who are so oblivious to what they’re doing at times that they can seriously damage things. hee hee

i’ve also finally come to a decision on the next tattoo i’mm gettin – not sure if i want to tell EVERYONE about it before i get started… i guess everyone would mean the 3-5 people who read this hahaha


One thought on “i just amazed myself

  1. I HATE CODE….
    especially copying and pasting it…it makes me want to cry…

    However…I would pay $5.00 to watch you tie shoes with 15 laces in them in different patterns!!!

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