i love the feeling of sore muscels the day after a kick ass workout @ the gym

finally, after a good 2 month hiatus, i’m back in the swing of the gym. and it feels so good. kicked my own ass yesterday, then proceeded to take my mom to the gym today and workout again! definitely didn’t kick my ass, but still burned almost 500 calories which is always exciting. i normally try and do 700. does anyone care? probably not. but……. this is my area of rant, so i shall!

we went to the zoo yesterday, too! that was fun. we saw the baby giraffe, gorilla, and elephant. i cannot belive how tiny the gorilla is! she is 3 months old now (may 15). it was super cute to watch her step-sister pick her up and take care of her, it looked like she was lifting a piece of paper. i could have watched forever except that the rainforest exhibit is hot and humid and had so many people. there were many instances at the zoo yesterday where i was tempted to check my pulse due to the anxiety caused by all the annoying people!!!! ARGH! weird, never used to be like that . . .  this is new.