silly hats only

ahh, good old days of rejected. at least when it first did its email rounds around my office… that was back in 2003 ish. why am i having these flashbacks? i don’t know. weird, but fun. i think i need a dose of don hertzfeldt soon.

i don’t know why, but something – some kind of weird non-sensical force maybe – has been deterring my from updating my blog. it’s like, laziness of thought or something. i find myself questioning my life – what the fuck am i doing here? working crazy hours, stressful deliverables to people i don’t report to, feeding the machine just like everyone else. am i really happy in this job? do i honestly like doing process diagrams, finances, business requirements? i don’t know. maybe i would rather be serving pina coladas in the bahamas. maybe i would rather be living in a cabin with no electricity, worrying about the next hunt or harvest, and be completely off the grid. maybe i want to live under the sea in atlantis. maybe i want to blab on for the next hour of parallel possibilities for my existence. who knows! but in this moment i’m just going to stop.

where the fuck did that come from?

i am dizzy. i don’t know if i’ve had too much coffee, or not enough. i had a dream last night that we fed moldy parsnips to pixie. what kind of fucking dream is that? i guess i shouldn’t watch rachel ray making parnsnip snacks while i’m at the dentist.