society can accept sluts, but not robots with vaginas

to put some context around today’s post title, “while comparing the lack of HR Giger calendars to the existence of playboy/swimsuit/misc hot chick calendars in Calendar Club”.

i am sitting here posting on my blog beside pixie’s cage. she just dive bombed one of her toys, it was pretty cute. no one was injured. speaking of injured… in the past couple months i have: increasingly overused my knees, hurt my right ankle in a horizontally painful way, hurt my left top of the ankle/foot in a vertically painful way, and now the arch on my left foot hurts when i walk… fucking awesome. i guess it’s time to go see that damn doctor. spoefkw90eru83209

jamie’s 27 now. i’m going to be three cubed soon, as well. hmmm weird. i kinda like being the result of 9 and 3 multiplying. these numbers make me feel good. 26 was kinda badass – like two 13’s. i’m’ hardcore – i bet u didn’t even know that.