my view consists of iron and port-a-potty’s

what the hell. i have a headache, i’m tired, and i think i am a little bit cranky. what a way to end the afternoon. good thing i’m going to the gym and doing rather difficult workout – don’t you wish you could plan your energy/mood levels everyday?

so i signed up for . it does a slightly customized meal plan and customized workout plan. the meal plan is based on your metabolism derived from a 40-question quiz. i suppose it’s a pretty good gauge. i don’t follow it, but thats because i’m picky. the workout plan is awesome. based on my activity level before joining this program, i was put into the ‘hardcore’ category. lemme tell ya somethin’, they ain’t playin’. it is definitely a hardcore workout – 5 circuits of 5 exercises each done twice. Wow is it tough! i am exhausted by the end of it. i have lost some lbs since signing up, although i’m not quite sure how much i have truly lost. i have lost somewhere between 2 and 7. so to play it fair, lets say 4. yep. i have lost 4 lbs in 20days. works for me. in those 20 days i have gone out for dinner, gone for drinks, had pub food, pizza, and popcorn. i really cannot complain.

i dont know what happened to me but i have decided i want some uggs (or some other copycat brand). i want black uggs. now the question is – ankle height, or mid-calf height?? I am thinking the mid-calf ones. oh, and black. so as soon as i plant and harvest a money tree, i’m gettin’ me some uggs.

is uggs with an “s” or a “z”?