2010 has arrived

And, surprisingly, I am simply not ready. Not only would I prefer to still be on vacation, but life keeps managing to get increasingly hectic by the year due to its constant acceleration. I think by the time I am 60, one year will feel the same as one month feels now. Does that make any sense? Hm.

I suppose I have some new year resolutions. The standard one: lose weight; however I have decided mine has more merit – before the holidays, I had managed to lose about 10lbs – all my pants fit so much better. Now my pants fit tight again with that extra “muffin top” padding. Today starts my eating healthy regime! Go Jen go! My second resolution is to be responsible with my money. This really just means pay off consumer debt and no impulse buying. I’m determined to not have to rely on a credit card anymore! I think that’s it for new years resolutions. Pretty boring.

I have 2 proclamations to make:

  1. I love my Ugg boots
  2. I love my new skull / heart hair clips

That is all.


One thought on “2010 has arrived

  1. poosniff you fail at updating

    that is all

    ps I ordered part of your and Nibor’s birthday presents yesterday! haha

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