Tok Junction, AK

as you can imagine, internet access has been hit and miss on this road trip. the last couple hotels did offer wireless, but it was satellite in remote areas and was therefore really not available. also, i forgot my bb charger. also, i’m in the middle of switching blogs. i haven’t switched over domain ownership, so will point to my old blog until i’m done vacation 😀

so, here we are at the end of day 5. we have had some long days. since i last posted, we did the day 2 – 11.5 hr “jaunt” to watson lake, YT. that was a retarded drive. we made it to our ‘a nice motel’ and had awesome homemade chicken pot pie and beef pot pie. we slept, and hit the road again.

day 3 we headed to skagway. along the way, we checked out carcross, yt. a cool little town – apparently one of the top 10 beaches in canada. the sushi place was frightening. we headed into skagway, and checked into our lodging, the Chilkoot Trail Outpost in Dyea – about 7mi outside skagway. Dyea is the original Gold Rush town – it is where the 100,000 stampeders headed to start the Chilkoot Trail or White Pass trek to try and make it rich. I had no idea just how harsh the gold rush was. we hiked about 2km of the chilkoot trail, and took a train ride up the White Pass. Awesome. Hard to believe the Gold Rushers lugged 2 tons of gear up there… Dyea has been completely washed away – all that remains is about 12 posts which used to be the wharf. i have also since discovered i am anti-cruise now. skagway’s population is about 400 people. there were 9000 visitors from the cruise ships the one day, putting little to no money into the local community – ignorant, snobby, careless, idiots. yep, we were one of those – and now i have a completely different view.

we reluctantly left skagway today, and headed towards Tok. We stopped at the Carcross desert, beautiful Emerald Lake, and finally the fabulously scrumptious Buckshot Betty’s Bakery. We’re now resting up at our cute and comfy little bed & breakfast, looking forward to Fairbanks tomorrow.

Also, the weather here has been fantastic. It has been +20 to +25 every single day – my face and shoulders are even starting to get some color on them!!

check out some of jamie’s photos: