day 1 – we made it!

wow, we sure had some ups and downs today; but all in all, we made it to Dawson Creek, BC.

The day joyously started with a heavy, wet blizzard in Calgary. Jamie and I loaded up the minivan, and managed to get out of the house on time. we were so proud of ourselves for being so gosh darn organized, and were about to give ourselves a pat on the back, when we realized we had forgotten something. jamie forgot a baseball cap. this is ridiculous because, for him, it is as daily an item to wear as socks. we picked up my parents, loaded their stuff in the van, went back to our place, and were back on the road only about 1 hr late.

QE2 highway sucks. even in the best weather, it is windy and always full of traffic, let alone today with the stupid heavy wet snow blizzard. the snow didn’t clear until we reached devon, which is just outside edmonton. we were in a steady downpour until fox creek (between Whitecourt and Valleyview). we stopped in whitecourt for lunch at the local casino, and met some friends for lunch. NOTE: casinos have cheap, quick food, and clean/safe bathrooms – this is a luxury on a road trip.

we hit the road again, and didn’t stop until we reached Beaver Lodge, AB. For those who have never had the fantastic fortune of going to beaver lodge, it has something very cool to offer: a giant beaver. this is me and a giant beaver.

Jen and Giant Beaver
Jen and Giant Beaver

back to the dusty trail, and within about 90min we reached dawson creek. we checked until our hotel at 7pm PT. in our room, we were greeted by this super cute little guy!

Days Inn HoOtel Room Greeter
Days Inn Hotel Room Greeter

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  1. Hello from the German crew, we have made it home after about 20 hr. in transit. Glad to hear you are on schedule. We had a really great time in Germany, I have seen more on this trip than I have on the previous 4. It is good to be home, we were so thrilled to see snow again it made us sorry that we ever left this beautiful climate. I am not sure what to reach for, sunblock or my fur hat. Have a great time and keep in touch with old dad.

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