oh my dear blog, i am sorry for ignoring you so

not so surprisingly, whenever the level of hectic-ness in my life increases, my blog posts decrease. enough said.

i have stepped up my training, yet again. as i discover new things i can accomplish, i tend to want to accomplish them! the most recent discovery is running. i can run now! my running used to be brisk walking with bouts of jogging scattered about, sprinkled in feelings of hate & loathing. yes, i used to suck horribly at running. something has changed, and now i can do it! i can run 6.2km without taking a break. So, now that I *can* do it, i *want* to do it!! i have signed up for 2 10k runs now – August and September. I feel a little overwhelmed by this goal, being as I have really only been running for a month or two now… but the higher you aim, the more you’ll achieve! at least that’s what i’m telling myself…
i am working out 6-7 times a week now. this is kinda exciting.
it is our 6-year anniversary on saturday! that’s right, jamie and i have been married for 6 years!!! cool! we are not doing anything too special… both going to our saturday classes @ the gym, and then we are going Go Karting in the afternoon – that should be tons of fun – really looking forward to that.
on sunday we are going to Cirque Peak in Lake Louise with some friends. It’s a 12k hike; the estimate is a 7 hr round trip. it is supposed to be +14 or something in the rockies that day, which is a hella awesome bonus. i think my favorite thing about day hikes is eating trail mix.

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