today is wednesday – seems like a good enough day for a post


somehow i managed to find (a) the time and (b) the mental capacity to write a post. no idea how this happened.

i haven’t posted much about this topic, but i have been running. a lot. i started sometime last spring, and have become increasingly addicted every single day. i just friggin love it. i have signed up for a 1/2 marathon training program with the running room. i am scared, but also very excited! i am really tempted to blog about every single aspect of my training, but i will bore everyone to death and lose 100% of my 2 readers 😉

i’m also registering for indoor soccer which is another super exciting thing!

and i love fall! and halloween! and christmas baking! YEAH!

2 thoughts on “today is wednesday – seems like a good enough day for a post

  1. i know what you mean, usually i run every day when winter comes, all through Azeroth.

    • LOL, Sean. I love a good run through the highways and byways of Kalimdor myself 🙂 It’s just as pretty as the places Jen goes, but doesn’t smell as nice.