i’m gonna do it all!

here we go with another one of my rare monthly posts. that makes them that much more special, right?

so, i ran 2 x 10k races in the summer. when we went to Yellowstone in September, I kinda thought I was done – for a while at least. boy was i wrong. i now find myself with 2 ambitious goals:

  1. Hypothermic Half Marthon – Feb 12, 2011
  2. FemSport, Female Strength & Fitness Challenge – Apr 2, 2011

i honestly have no clue how these events are going to turn out, but by golly i’m going to give ’em my all! this means training. training, working, sleeping, and eating. if i had it my way, i wouldn’t have to sleep 😉

i have been slowly upping my training. training is always experimental – too much, not enough, not the right kind, not enough rest… every person has to figure out their own balance. i am trying to find mine. right now, it is as follows:

  • Sunday: Long right. Currently @ 10k, will eventually get to 21k! in the winter to boot!
  • Monday: Training with Minako
  • Tuesday: Upper body workout & 5k tempo run
  • Wednesday: Training with Minako
  • Thursday: This week, soccer
  • Friday: Hot Yoga
  • Saturday: Upper body workout

Hm. I seem to be missing a rest day. Woops – guess I’ll catch up on that next week!

I am actually going to try to blog my progress, at least once a week. who is going to place bets that I won’t do it?

ciao for now. off to another late night soccer match!