halfway through the weekend

they always go by so fast. i find myself sitting in the kitchen, shortly after 11pm, waiting for the peanut butter fudge on the stove to cool down. it is taking way longer than the cookbook said, which is annoying, especially after the super delicious “slurry christmas” martini my hubby mixed up for me. tick tock tick tock.
anyway, thursday night’s soccer game was amazing! I got an official assist, my first EVER! ps, i am not a skilled soccer player. hah.
friday night, i hit Calgary Hot Yoga and enjoyed 90mins of strength, stretchin’ and sweatin’! i loooove hot yoga!
this morning (saturday) i drug hubby and my gal friend to the gym to workout. it was good. we hit “in the loop” for breakfast afterwards to have the yummiest hashbrowns in calgary!
off to go watch paint dry, err i mean wait for the fudge to cool down.