A no-brainer for some…

But apparently I have to learn the hard way. My training these past few days went a wee bit awry….

Saturday: Strength session with Paula
Sunday: 13.5km
Monday: Personal Training with Minako
Tuesday: Hills training – 5x
Wednesday: Personal Training with Minako

Not sure if you noticed, but I am missing a key component in there called “REST”. I thought it would be ok. Boy was I wrong. I now realize that as I increase my weekly mileage (which is only going to increase up until my Race), my legs continue to run out of steam. Well, that’s a lie, my entire body runs out of steam.

Bottom line:

Thursday: REST!!
Friday: HOT YOGA!
Saturday: 14k run!!!
Sunday: REST!!

Theoretically, more rest will get me back into the swing of things and I can continue to kick ass and get my ass kicked at the gym on Monday with Minako…

I think also the Stoned Wheat Thins that I bought will help 😉