about 6.5 weeks to go…

Feb 12 is coming up so quickly! it always happens that way.

This past weekend I was supposed to run 14k. I started out just fine in the -15 (-20 with the windchill), ran along the calgary “Santa Run” which consisted of hundreds of runners wearing santa costumes – it was cute. i was feeling a little tired, but nothing that my mind couldn’t overcome. the edworthy pathway along the bow river was about 99% plowed, which was fantastic. and then, it hit me. why is my hip/pelvis so hard to move? why does it feel like i am trudging through corn syrup instead of air? apparently my joints dislike the cold. well, no idea if it was my joints, or the muscles, or the liquid in the joints, or something else. all i know is that the longer i was out in the cold, the stiffer my joints became. at one point i tried running faster – it worked in terms of heating up the joint but um… you can only run so fast when you’re trying to do a long slow run, so that died quickly. i ended up only running 12.5k, which sucks, because now next weekends 16k is going to be that much harder. oh well, if it is -10 or warmer, i will run outside. if it is much colder than -10, i will hit the treadmill, as boring as it will be…. at least i will be getting my legs used to the distance.

this is sweet – i’ll be at 16k, which is only 5k away from my 1/2 marathon distance! holy shit!!!! so close, i can feel it!

can everyone please wish me reasonably decent weather on feb 12?


One thought on “about 6.5 weeks to go…

  1. You are hereby wished reasonably decent weather on Feb 12. Feb 11 and 13 will probably suck big time though… it’s the general averaging provision of the weather statutes…

    Keep up the good work. I am exercising vicariously through you 🙂


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