week of january 17

life picked me up, tossed me around, and threw me back on the ground since my last post. Yep, hubby and i live in a never-ending state of busyness.

alas, i haven’t been posting as much as i had wanted to do. but i am back. for yet another undetermined non-commital amount of time.

training has been going pretty well. up until last week, the weather had been treatin’ us all pretty damn well. i was able to do my 16 k followed by my 12k just fine and dandy. i have also been able to do all my hill training! last tuesday was the last scheduled hill training night – we did 9x hills in -20ish… amounts to approximately 10k, which we finished in an hour! that is close to my first 10k time!!! i have obviously improved.

what’s new and exciting? well, i rolled my ankle and ended up with a minor sprain last thursday @ soccer. my poor tendons. i have put them through hell and back – over and over again. i am 95% healed now, and ready to tackle 18k tonight. i am going to try it @ the mount royal university indoor track. umm… not sure how this will turn out. mind over matter, mind over matter!

the other new and exciting thing… i am going in for some VO2 max testing on Friday morning! I am so sick of my asthma and not knowing how to work with it, so I’m getting some professional assistance! we’ll see how that goes…