dear time, please stop. thank you, jenbacca.

whew life just keeps whizzing by much too fast for me to keep it! the countdown is on for Femsport… in 7 days, i will be in kamloops, wearing my team meanako shirt, getting ready for all the events.

our original team has changed. jayme unfortunately had to drop out as she is not able to make it to kamloops the weekend of april 1. after much negotiating and speaking with the Femsport director, we were able to fill the void with minako! woohoo!

we have been training for about a month now. i had put training on hold while i was running and training for my Half Marathon. Paula had been ridiculously sick for over a month. and then i got sick. lovely. anyway, we got through that hurricane of life and finally started pumping some iron. yes, i totally just said “pumping some iron”. and finally, just over a week ago, i located a gym with a 400lb tire to flip (also an 800lb tire i think – EEK), a prowler, and all sorts of olympic lifting equipment – Bells of Steel in the North (by the Irish Rugby Club). It is AWESOME and exactly what we have needed all along! Who know flipping a tire and pushing & dragging a prowler was so fun? functional training ftw!